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 Health Coaching to help you find the right path to a balanced lifestyle between fitness, nutrition, and mind-body wellness to be the best version of yourself every day!

Business Coaching to help you pursue your passions and create a career that brings you joy!

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I have so appreciated all those who have supported my endeavors, as I plan for my future and continue to follow my path my business model will be changing slightly.


As of January 1, 2022, I will no longer be offering in-person training or live fitness classes.  I have decided to focus my skillset on coaching. This not only includes health coaching but also business coaching. This will include creative business coaching for those looking to become entrepreneurs and business administrative coaching to help establish, update or improve business accounting systems.


Again, I would like to thank all my amazing clients!! 

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Meet Ashley Clark

  • Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach

  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer

  • BA Business Administration with CPA Concentration

After struggling years with her own health issues, Ashley learned how to best manage her health and her happiness. Everything came back to BALANCE! Balance between fitness, nutrition, and mind-body connection! 

Because of her love of learning, she continues to expand her knowledge to provide the tools, tricks, and passion for living life to your fullest potential! This includes not only your health but also your career. Ashley successfully owns and operates 2 businesses as well as coaches/consults others who want to pursue businesses of their own. 

Ashley is passionate about helping others find their BALANCE! Her first-hand experience has created a passion for fitness, nutrition, mind-body connection, overall wellness and living your joy. When it comes to a balanced lifestyle it is not a one-size-fits-all solution. The solution is INDIVIDUALIZED to YOU!! Let's work together to find YOUR balance in a way that fits YOU!

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